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Science Weekly Assignment

Watch this video  After you have watched the video, answer the three questions. You can type your answers and email me at or you can write them on paper and have your parents text me your answers.

  1. What does the word “communicate” mean?
  2. How do mother dolphins communicate with their calves?
  3. How did the sound get from Maria to the computer?

Math Assignments for the Week of April 20, 2020

Please complete your teacher assigned lessons.

AR - New Exciting News!!!!

We want to keep this fair and honest for all!!!



 You are to read the book well! Picture books 2-3 times. Chapter book-review after

reading chapters to check for comprehension

 Do not look at the book while you take the AR test!!!!   That is cheating.  Take your tests with integrity.  

 You cannot test on a book by watching the movie, for example..Harry Potter! They purposely will put questions from that book that are not found in the movie!!

 I will not be able to delete failed quizzes SO TEST CAREFULLY! :)

 Be sure the quiz number is followed with the letters EN and the title is in English. Spanish quizzes will end in SP. (I can delete Spanish quizzes, but it’s a lot easier if you don’t do it to begin with. :))

 If the title is something common or is only one word like Tornados, Tigers..check to see that you have the right author, quiz number etc. There is more than one book with this title.

 Use to find the quiz number if you need it.

Have a fun time reading and quizzing!!

There are many resources out there and I’ll get them to you! If you have any problems with your account, please email me at



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