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   Sandy Bates

Mrs. Bates began teaching with the system in 1987 as an 8th-grade teacher at Calhoun Middle and became the principal of Boley in 2016.  Throughout her 36 years with the Ouachita Parish School System, Mrs. Bates has always kept the best interests of our students as a priority.  Her faculty and staff describe Sandy as a caring leader who seeks to ensure everyone is safe and engaged in best practices for student success.  Through her proven leadership and strength, Sandy led her staff and faculty through the catastrophe of the Boley fire. Her heart was with her students and ensuring they had safe, welcome classrooms to return to after that disaster. She and her faculty are to be commended for their resilience during that time!



  • Ouachita Parish Principal of the Year 2020
  • State Principal of the Year Semi-finalist 2020
  • Boley Elementary, Comeback School Recipient 2023

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