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Dear Students,

I miss you so much! I hope that you are working on your review work to keep your brain working. Please read your books and work on iReady every single day! I am checking the reports. You now can take AR tests from home! Click on the educational websites and then click on the top AR link. Please let your parents know that they can order your recent pictures at  Send me an email at if you have any questions! Remember you are so loved by your teacher! I can’t wait to get back into the classroom with you!

Assignments for the Week of May 11, 2020

Math – Complete 2 lessons on your own iReady path and 1 teacher assigned lesson

  • Complete 1 lesson on your path
  • Complete 1 lesson on your path
  • Multiply By One Digit Numbers Part 2 – 20 mins

Science – Watch this video = Waves, Energy, and Information – Chapter 1 Lesson 4 (14:21) There is a 2nd video that you will need to watch after about 8 minutes. This is the 2nd video link. you have watched the video, answer the four questions. You can type your answers and email me at or you can write them on paper and have your parents text me a picture.

  1. It is not the water that travels across the ocean in a tsunami; all that travels is the _________________ of the waves.
  2. How do scientists detect tsunamis?
  3. Energy is the ability to make things ___________ or ___________.
  4. How does sound get from one place to another?

Please let me know if I can be of any help. I miss you all!       ~ Mrs. Durand


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