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April      Newsletter/Homework       

I am constantly updating, so please check back everyday!

  1. End of the Year: Check-out Day
    1. On Tuesday the 19th @ 9:00 kindergarten parents will park in the lot by        Chic-fil-a and line up on the sidewalk 6 ft apart. There will be tape on the sidewalk. Please wear a mask. BRING: Chromebook - if you checked one out.  RECEIVE: report cards and things left in desk.
    2. Other grades:
      1. 1st – Tuesday @ 11:00
      2. 2nd – Tuesday @ 1:30
      3. 3rd –  Wednesday @ 9:00
      4. 4th – Wednesday @ 11:00
      5. 5th –  Wednesday @ 1:30
  2. Kindergarten Round-up
    1. Registration is coming soon.  Online registration begins June 1st and ends June 12th.  A link to online registration will be on our school website for easy accessibility. School site registration will also be available Monday, June 1st – Thursday June 4th. and June 8th – Thursday, June 11th from 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00 on each of those days.
    2. You will need the following information to register you child for the 20-21 school year.
      1. Birth Certificate (child must turn 5 on or before Sept. 30th)
      2. Current Shot Record
      3. Child’s Social Security Card
      4. Parent or Guardian’s Drivers License
      5. Two current proofs of residence – Utility, rental agreement, lease agreement, mortgage or deed
    3. Story page/Homework
      1. Click on the title Story page.  It will have a list for the day. Story page...Occurs...Attachments...Story_page_4.docx. Click on Story_page_4.docx. From there you should be able to copy a story page for your child’s homework.
  3. School board calls
    1. If you get a call that begins with 432 it is not spam.  It is a recording from the school.  Please answer it.
  4. The building is closed, but school is not. 
    1. Dr. Coker wants us to see each student or see the work of each student everyday (Monday through Friday) and take attendance.  Somewhere in this time will be a 50 point bonus to help with grades.  So, I am going to ask the students to work on i-ready Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
  5. Group me
    1. have invited everyone in our class to join Group me.  It is a group text so anything written on it will be seen by all of our students parents.  This is my first time to be administrator so be patient, I am still learning.
  6. I-ready login
    1. If you go to i-ready ( and need a class room number it is 160463.  Remember all you have to do is click on the blue card the alien is holding that says “K-1 login.”  Your child should know the pictures to click.  If not, let me know.  Your child should be on i-ready at least 30 minutes a day. I will be checking weekly. Our top 5 students will be listed below.
      1. If you try to put iready on an Android phone: Type i-ready login in the google/chrome section. When the i-ready page pops up, click on the 3 dots at the top right. Scroll down to Desktop site.  It takes you straight to the site.
  7. Educational Websites
    1. On this webpage, you can click on “Educational Websites”. We have complied a list of websites that are grade appropriate for kindergarten. The children will love readingeggs!  It has games, coloring pages, songs, and lessons.  All of the websites are great resources that are stimulating and will keep your child busy learning!
  8. Library
    1. Mrs. Judd said if you go to the opsb page and click on Home Learning there are free sites
      1. ABC Shelf – offers 20 free ebooks with an account – directions are on her account
      2. MyOn books  – offering a free subscription – login Information is given – for older kids a AR test is given.
  9. Music
    1. On teacher pages -scroll down and click on Dana Lowe for music that the children sang at school with her.
  10. Facebook Page
    1. There are Spring Pictures and stories read by teachers 
  11. Science/Social Studies Page – we are not graded in this subject, so this is for fun!
    1. It reads a story to them, then ask questions, gives some sort of experiment, has games.  Try it out!
    2. Go to    Username:  Password: 1234    Click on Kindergarten in either Science or Social Studies then click on a subject.

Thank you for all your support!  If you need anything text me at 318-376-0020.

Mrs. Baldwin                                



I-Ready Top 5  

Super Stars!

Contest will be checked weekly

#1  Demian

#2 Venus

#3 Jordan

#4 Aiden

#5 Jack